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Business Systems Analyst

Permanent Primary Location: BURLINGTON, Ontario - Canada Job ID R21009487 Date posted 12/22/2021 Zip Code L7L 0C2

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Job Description:

The UPSC Business Systems Analyst works with business partners across multiple business functions to align technology solutions with business strategies and customers. This position plans, analyzes, and defines application requirements and supports system testing. He/She addresses and resolves issues of low complexity and analyzes current processes and identifies system and business impacts. The UPSC Business Systems Analyst is responsible for the collection, analysis, documentation, and potential design of business and functional requirements. He/She acts as a liaison between the Information Technology (IT) department and the client. This position collects, analyzes, reviews, documents, and communicates business needs and requirements.

The Business Systems Analyst develops a thorough understanding of customers’ processes and business objectives and capitalizes on the value that UPS Capital can offer to their business. This position provides consultative sales support to the UPS Sales organization to enhance and improve customers’ business with value-added and configurable solutions. This position provides support to customers during the implementation phase to ensure solutions meet and exceed customer expectations.

Job Duties

Collaborates with Business Partners.

  • Serves as a liaison between the business community and Information Services (I.S.).
  • Elicits and analyzes business needs for assigned projects, communicates with stakeholders, and participates in determining if the solution fits within the long-term strategic vision.
  • Collaborates with sales, customer relationship group and customers to identify capabilities, solutions and recommendations in order implement and oversee IT solutions.
  • Attends peer reviews of architecture, design, and quality assurance work products to identify conflicts and confirm consistent implementation of business and functional requirements.
  • Participates in cross-functional tasks to assist with consistency and adherence with standards and best practices.
  • Collaborates with sales team to evaluate and determine solutions, formulate account strategies.

Defines Application Requirements.

  • Assesses client needs utilizing a structured process (i.e., gathering, analyzing, documenting, and managing changes) to identifying business requirements.
  • Conducts research (e.g., customers’ goals, earning reports, etc.) to determine the compatibility of UPS’s solutions with customers’ needs and to gain an understanding of the business model, market conditions, and competitors.
  • Participates in creating project work plans for assigned tasks to ensure milestones are met.
  • Participates in technical design and testing work sessions to develop test cases and the test approach.
  • Obtains technical assistance to help identify technical solutions.
  • Recommends options and risks versus benefits to provide input to time estimates.
  • Coordinates and facilitates work sessions with business partners and appropriate IT groups to ensure inclusion of all stakeholders.

Formulates Solutions and Develops Proposals.

  • Prepares customer proposals and presentations to demonstrate the value added of UPS's solutions and grow the business regarding to UPS Capital IT solutions.
  • Manages and coordinates resources and activities to ensure smooth implementation of customer solutions.
  • Ensure mapped solutions satisfy business problems and opportunities.
  • Breaks down complex concepts into comprehensible concepts to ensure appropriate level of communication and understanding for the project stakeholders

Delivers Training and Prepares Documentation.

  • Conducts formal and informal training (i.e., technology solutions) to ensure the sales force remains current with UPS solutions and enhancements.
  • Prepares and presents reports (e.g., trends, technology initiatives, customer behavior, claims, loss ratio, failures in DFT process etc.) to the district sales and CS staff to provide relevant and current information.
  • Registers the customer for products and delivers product training to ensure customers have the education and information to effectively use UPS’s product.

Job Specific Competencies.

Assesses Business Needs.

Identifies, measures, and monitors customer or business needs in order to create solutions, make decisions and take appropriate actions.

  • Identifies current and future needs of the customer or business; understands how business needs dictate the project’s requirements, project direction, business objectives, and resource allocation; makes recommendations on the solutions-design phase of the project.

Conducts Customer Analysis.

Analyzes customer data. Conducts research to identify customer needs, customer acceptance criteria, perceived value, and overall impact of products/services on customers. Uses research data to identify which products, services, and features to promote to current and potential customers.

  • Demonstrates some advanced knowledge of how to conduct customer analysis using common sources of information to identify customer facts and trends; collects standard research data about current and prospective customers with some guidance; identifies and develops lists of prospective customers; assists with identifying instances where customer needs or expectations are not being met; drafts promotions of products, services, and features based upon research with oversight from others.

Conducts Research.

Develops a systematic approach to conducting research. Gathers and evaluates information that relates to a research question, utilizes tools that measure data related to a research problem, draws conclusions based on sources of information.

  • Uses the research problem to guide relevant data gathering and benchmarking; develops a working knowledge of literature related to the research problem; minimizes personal biases that may impact the research process or outcomes; gathers data that represent all sides of the business case.

Solicits and Gathers Information.

Uses information gathering techniques such as asking open and closed-ended questions, probing for details, and interviewing to obtain information.

  • Demonstrates a working knowledge of techniques for soliciting and gathering information; identifies appropriate sources of information.

Technical Writing.

Writes specialized or technical documents or copy, such as legal briefings, journals, manuals, instructions, articles, handbooks, and statistical reports.

  • Uses the appropriate style, level of detail, grammar, and organization of thought in technical writing; drafts standard specialized or technical documents using templates and job aids; considers the end-user’s perspective when creating technical documents.

Technology Implementation.

Deploys and implements technology solutions, including support material, and manages necessary conversions to production. Ensures rollouts and results meet design specifications.

  • Identifies the root cause of production conversion issues; resolves implementation issues; designs production conversion plans and schedules and implements technology according to plan; monitors the effectiveness of implementation against design specifications; provides recommendations for making deployment and implementation more efficient.

Technology Knowledge.

Applies knowledge of technology industry, trends, and best practices to UPS.

  • Recognizes the basic impact of technology on UPS business, services, and processes; identifies technological barriers in achieving desired objectives; maintains appropriate breadth and depth of technological knowledge for current work assignment.

Knowledge and Skills.

  • Customer Service experience – Preferred
  • Knowledge IT tools- Preferred
  • SQL and Python - Preferred
  • Demonstrates ability to solve problems quickly
  • Possesses strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Maintains a professional demeanor at all times
  • Demonstrates high level of attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize and manage priorities based on client needs
  • Strong relationship building skills with a high degree of responsiveness
  • Ability to work-functionally in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment
  • Ability to embrace change and adapt to new directions at any given time
  • Experience using Microsoft Office products (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)


  • Bachelor’s Degree – Computer Science Preferred
  • Bachelor's Degree- Engineering (Other) Preferred

This position is flexible between working remotely and physically in the office depending of business needs.

Work Location:


UPS Canada is a diverse and equal opportunity employer. Please advise our HR representatives if workplace accommodation is needed. Thank you for your interest in UPS Canada.

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